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A Superb example of British Design and Craftsmanship from over 50 years ago !!! ..... the now defunct 405 Line system at it's best, Featuring a 9 inch screen the Bush TV22 was made in 1950 and sold at a price between 36-2-6d and 42gns...44-2-0d ... oddly enough cheaper than some of the wooden models available, but still on average two month's pay for the average worker in 1950 !!!
Wireless World July 1950 stated that one of the most striking features of the TV22 was the new tuning facility for any station in the television band. Previously sets had to be retuned and adjust when a person moved to a different region-district. The new set was suitable for any district and in areas where there was an overlap a choice could be made on site.
Technical Information ..... The receiver Unit is a Superheterodyne, having two signal frequency circuits and an oscillator circuit. Operates on single sideband for vision and utilising a broadband R.F. amplifier V1, feeding a mixer/oscillator common to both vision and sound signals.
The design follows normal AC/DC practise, valve heaters and picture tube heater being wired in series. Two fuses were used, one fuse protecting the heater chain whilst the other fuse is wired in series with mains supply to the H.T. rectifier anode. The complete receiver unit and main deck utilises 16 valves.
Dimensions Height 15 1/4ins,  Depth 16ins, Width 15 1/2ins. Full Bakelite body, an icon of early 1950's sets, very desirable today and regarded as a design classic. During the 1980's a company produced a modern replica called the Retrovisor with moderate success


The Bush TV22 was one of the first televisions to use an aluminised cathode ray tube, ensuring that most of the light from the picture came out into the room, giving a brighter image. It derives it's name from the location of the original Bush Radio Factory in Shepherd's Bush, London.



After many years of collecting bakelite I'm still amazed at the beautiful properties that were often achieved with the mottled variety of this material. The body of this TV22 is no exception !!!
 The image below shows the neat compact tidy back of the set
The brown bakelite box with attached lever shown is in fact a Band Three Adapter. Initially these sets only needed to pick up BBC broadcasts, being the only broadcaster around in 1950, within a few years ITV was created as a rival channel, so sets were adapted to receive the new channel as well as the existing BBC one by fitting one of these adaptors or something similar, various adaptors appeared on the market.


At the time of Queen Elizabeth's Coronation ... 1953 many people viewed the ceremony on one of these sets, often with 20 or 30 other people viewing the same television. Sets were far less common then, some of these sets even had a magnification screen attachment added to enhance the 9 inch picture !!!


During the early 1950's the Frequency range was limited to 5 channels aligned to separate regional transmitters .. (1) Alexandra Palace, (2) Holme Moss, (3) Kirk-O-Shotts, (4) Sutton Coldfield and (5) Wenvoe.  Operating on Vision frequencies between 45.00 Mc/s to 66.75 Mc/s.  Sound Frequencies operated between 41.50 Mc/s and 63.25 Mc/s.


Like to see inside ?? what a fascinating box of tricks !!
British Technology and Design was alive and well in the early 1950's !!!



added to the collection during May 2004,  another classical piece of Bakelite now off my shopping list !!

In appearance the TV22 is similar to it's predecessor the TV12 ( 1949 ), evidently the main difference was the shape of the screen surround



The Bush TV22 Television rolled off the production line in 1950 the same year I was born !!! Two old antiques ??  I prefer to think in terms of two classic designs !!!


EKCO A23 RADIO 1946 SW/MW/LW and TV Band